Monitor and protect and your home or business 24 hours a day with a CCTV system, from wherever you are.

More and more businesses and homeowners are using video surveillance systems as an effective deterrent against criminal activity. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) can be used to help monitor and protect your property and assets, as well your staff or family.

The CCTV systems we install records surveillance footage from the security cameras onto a recording device which allows you to view both live and recorded footage. All our systems also include remote viewing from any internet connected device such as your laptop, smart phone or tablet.


We install Uniview security camera systems.


Starlight technology allows a Security Camera to slow down it's electronic shutter in order to capture more light.

This enables the camera to record full colour in very low light. While they cannot record in total darkness they can work in areas that are very close to it.

Smart IR (Infrared)

InfraRed Cameras use infrared radiation allowing them to record an image in areas with no visible light.

Smart IR is a technology that adjusts the intensity of the camera’s infrared LEDs to compensate for the distance of an object so that the infrared does not overexpose the object. Giving better detail to the recorded image.

Below is just a small sample from the systems we install. Call us to today for a free quote.

Uniview NVR301-P 4 or 8 Channel NVR
Easy setup and operation for remote access software with support for Windows, iPhone and Android. Accurate retrieval, instant playback.

Uniview IPC322ER - 2MP Outdoor IR Vandal Dome
This indoor/outdoor dome camera is built tough to withstand vandalism.
The Smart IR technology ensures it’s keeping an eye on your property day and night. The Infrared can record up to 30 meters away.

Uniview IPC6242SR-X22 - 2MP Outdoor IR PTZ
The Smart IR technology can zoom and accurately focus up to 150 meters.
It is coated in a hydrophobic film to repel water and dust particles.

Uniview IPC262 - Starlight Camera

This Starlight bullet camera allows recording in full colour in low light. It includes 4-10x optical zoom (depending on model) and auto focus.
Smart IR, up to up to 100m Infrared distance.

Uniview IPC2122 camera
The Smart IR technology ensures it’s keeping an eye on your property day and night. The Infrared camera with Digital Noise Reduction can record clear images up to 30 meters away.


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