Marlborough TV Services stock and install a range of quality products including:
X-Ray remote kits
X-Ray remote kits allow you to change the channel from your bedroom, or any other room in the house. You can lie in bed and surf channels to your hearts desire.


Skybox F5S
Skybox F5S Satellite Receiver allows you to watch Freeview Satellite, free-to-air) or Sky channels (with subscribed Sky card) from a satellite dish, The F5S has a built in card slot it so will accept certain Sky cards if you have an existing Sky subscription.


Dish TV Mini Decoder
The Dish TV Mini T1000 is a tiny 12vDC & mains satellite receiver designed to be attached to the back of a TV (perfect for wall mounted TV's). It allows you to watch Freeview Satellite channels in from a satellite dish. This is also perfect for your caravan/motorhome as it runs on 12vDC and mains and comes with a 12v cigarette lighter lead. This unit comes pre-programmend with Freeview Satellite channels.


TV Wall brackets:
We stock a complete range of wall brackets for 15” to 60” TVs. The brackets can either fix the TV to the wall or swing the TV to any angle for viewing, and then can be stored flush against the wall and out of the way.

We have a full range of HDMI, AV, RGB, optical and audio cables for any connection.


Digital wireless headphones:
We stock the Prolink range of wireless cordless headphones, designed for the hard of hearing so you can listen at your own volume level without distracting or disturbing others.


Portable dish kits:
Check out our portable satellite dish kits for viewing on the move.


Hills Home Hub:
The Hills Home Hub delivers and distributes data, phone, audio, video and TV signals from a central hub to outlets in any room you choose. Control your stereo sound, game consoles, security camera, DVD, Freeview, Sky and VCR from anywhere in the house and you’ll never see a wire again.

A-Bus audio systems:
Pre-wire your house for multi-room stereo sound with built in speakers with A-Bus. The A-Bus audio system provides the technology to deliver high quality sound to amplifiers and speakers to multiple rooms, each with its own volume control.

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